Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jung & Jin

Jin & Jung

"What?" Jin's voice was gruff and it only made Jung wince harder. He squinted as if his ears couldn't take it. "Why didn't you just go pre-med!"

Jung felt himself shake. Whatever he did, it would never satisfy why even try.

"It was the quickest way." He mentioned that he'd taken his basic college courses. He had a family to raise. He was tired of living under his mother's..boyfriend's roof.

"Its just ridiculous." His older and supposedly wiser brother said. Of course, he had never ever really had a job. It was his life-study to become a doctor, and he was only helping out at an emergency room in Kansas City at the moment.

Jung smiled thinking of his poised brother all riled up.

"It'll be all right." Not that he thought he'd be making much money, anytime soon. But he and Irma had saved. "I don't have to be you."

Now the phone rang a certain silence. He hadn't meant to hurt his brother. They hadn't seen each other in so long. He knew he'd been a burden to Jin in the past, with his hearing impairment.

Perhaps, he'd found Irma's so called brother  Josh to replace Jin. Jung and Irma coaxed Josh back in to summer classes. He worked as a medic on weekends and stocked groceries at night. Jung worked along side Josh at the grocery store.

As of yet, Jung hadn't gotten his driver's license so it was good he had someone to drive him.

Jung still felt helpless even if he had his hearing.

Of course, there were other worries at home other than not calling his brother enough. This was the summer that Rowdy's niece, Bree ran away from home.

Everyone was on pins and needles lately. It was a hot summer, and the humidity just made the temperature rise.


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Just perfect!

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Its good to see these two talk. I just wish Jin could be more supportive of Jung.