Sunday, September 3, 2017

We were friends once

we were friends once

Joon was starting to wonder if he'd shared to much info with Natalie about Ivy, but Ivy had been so strange, lately.

"I was hoping it would be nobody." Joon sighed as he went back to wipe down the espresso machine before it was needed again. "This Ollie is certainly, somebody."

"Maybe..maybe we should all go out." Natalie told him he might be over-reacting. After all, he was used to Ivy spending so much time with Simon.

"I dunno." He doubted Ivy would be up for it.

"Oh come on, we need to do things with other couples." Naturally, Natalie was her usual positive self, in spite of being over-worked. Holly still hadn't came back from England, yet.

"We've got Kramer." Joon teased, without thinking. But he was beginning to wonder if Kramer had liked him more than Natalie. He scrubbed a spot on the machine.

Suddenly, it occurred to him. What if..what if Kramer was in love with him? He scrunched a face of disgust, thinking he should try order to find Kramer a date.

"What is it?" Natalie wanted to know.

"It''s nothing." Joon guessed he was Kramer's best friend, but he thought Kramer was the worst best friend, ever.

"Um, maybe..maybe you can talk Ivy in to..going out." Joon shrugged.

"But I never see her." Natalie winced. "You, live with her."

"I know, but that doesn't mean she wants to talk to me." Joon told Natalie.

This Ollie had certainly changed Ivy. At least, Joon thought so. He hoped Ivy noticed she wasn't the girl, she used to be. He really missed those days with Simon around.