Wednesday, March 28, 2018

going through changes

going through changes

Joey got a haircut. After all, Liv was going through changes, being pregnant. So should he. It was about time he grew up and looked like a real dad.

"But why?" Dakota told him his hair wasn't curly anymore. He told her he hadn't done anything to it.

"But..but I miss your curls." She looked sad as if she needed a hug when he came to pick her up at Xander's.

Joey only smiled and told her they had far more things to worry about than his curls. "We have to get your room ready." He told her he wanted her to move in before school was out.

"Will I have to go to a new school, too?" She made him feel inept, and yet she was holding his hand as if she would never let go.

"You know, why we got the house in the first place, so we would be close to your school." He gave her the stare down that maybe he wasn't nearly as selfish as she thought.

She only sighed. He wanted to ask what was up with Xander, he looked worried about something. These days Xander always looked worried.

"Are things really OK with the Xander and the Duck man?" Joey asked when he started the car.

Dakota kept even lipped.

"You're supposed to know these things. Did they have a fight?" He couldn't think of those two ever having a spat around Dakota.

She shrugged.

"Fine. Don't tell me." Joey would be straight lipped too.

It wasn't long until they were in the driveway.

Liv met them at the door. She led the way to Dakota's room. It was painted in a light pink.

"I know, you didn't think we made room for you when we moved in," Liv told her. "It was full of boxes, you know."

Dakota still looked to be a pout, but when she saw the bed, the desk, and even a pink laptop waiting for her, a smile emerged.

She hugged her dad.

"I can't wait to move." She whispered in his ear. "Would it be OK if I did it now?"

Joey couldn't help but smile. He nodded, wanting to have a home with Dakota and Liv.

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