Wednesday, April 4, 2018

if that's not enough

Gabby couldn't say Easter was any better than Christmas. She needed to face the fact that those holidays were for little kids. Naturally, they sat around watching Macy's baby laugh and snapping photos of him in his bunny ears and watching Dave and Ava on Youtube.

It was all so boring and Ste was practically a stump on a log until it came to baby Stephen. Ste played with him as if this was all he'd come for.

He'd brought cupcakes and stayed most of the day. Near the end, he handed over the sock bunny he'd made. She guessed that's what it was.

Immediately, she knew it was Valentina's handy work, but he swore he'd made it. She didn't want to be jealous. After all, she knew Valentina was kind and sweet. In the end, she knew who Ste really loved. It wasn't Valentina, but Macy who was with another.

"I could ask Val to make you another, like a cat. You'd like a cat, right?" Ste was serious.

Gabby did her best not to be in a huff.

It wasn't until they were in her room that he kissed her. There was something so infectious with his warmth, his hands, how he touched her. They kissed for some time on her bed.

"What are you doing?" It was Will's voice who awoke her. He was not there, only in her head.

She pulled away from Ste before any more could happen in her room.

Gabby pressed her lips, they were raw. She winced.

"You know, we can't." She winced hard. "Not here."

"Yeah, but wouldn't it be fun." Ste smiled as if he liked a challenge just as much as she did.

Gabby bit her bottom lip and looked up at him. The weight of him was a comfort to her. They returned to warmth they'd once sparked. Kisses filled with a longing to get to the next step.

She closed her eyes. Maybe it wouldn't take long. Maybe they'd be caught and it would all be over. They would both move on.

Yes, one last time. Shedding the layers to find their own little world. Except for all the earthy things Ste was doing to her with his touch and his prodding wasn't who she was dreaming of.

Tears filled her eyes. If only he could be Will. Yes, it was true. Gabby had not forgotten Will.

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