Thursday, April 5, 2018

Peace, love and understanding

Macy didn't want to talk about it with Draco, but what were Ste and Gabby up too?

"Look, this isn't about the wedding is it?" Draco asked a few days after Easter. He remembered hearing her mom talk about their wedding and how Macy nixed every idea.

"But would it be so bad to have an afternoon tea at the community center?" He didn't know why she hated the idea.

"I don't hate it. It just sounds so.." She didn't mean to be in a fret about it.

"So informal?" His serious look made her hesitate to say anything more.

"Fine, let do whatever she wants us to do." She didn't even want a wedding dress. She'd only wanted to go to the courthouse. Macy went to put the baby down for a nap. "Anway, it's not even about us."

"What?" He winced as he went to dry another dish and she went to the fridge to look for some juice to drink.

Macy poured herself some juice and also a glass for Draco.

"I'm..I'm afraid Gabby and Ste are..too involved." She told him.

"Involved?" Naturally, Draco wasn't catching her gest.

"S e x." Macy didn't really want to get into it, but she knew they were in Gabby's room far too long.

"Well, she's-" Draco gritted and shook his head. "She is, you know." He sighed then looked back at her. "See what I have to worry about? Lily will be seventeen before I know it."

"Right." Macy nodded, but she knew he would never deal with it, like Lily's mother would. Also Lily was only eleven.

"Did you talk to your mom about it?" Draco wanted to know about the Gabby and Ste situation.

"Of course not." Macy had her own issues with her mom.

"I guess, she knows. Maybe." Macy hoped, anyway. She at least knew Gabby was on the shots for birth control. "It's just, I hope they are in love."

"I dunno what to tell you." He touched her shoulders, letting her know he was on her side. "But we've got this wedding on the last day of April. I say we better go with the community center and an afternoon tea."

Macy nodded. They'd need to run this by his mother, too.

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