Monday, April 9, 2018

why can't we be friends

Will wasn't sure what that look Ollie was giving him in the hallway at school. Actually, he was not going to acknowledge him. Afterall, he was the guy who almost stole Ivy from him. Or was it, that he'd stolen Ivy from Ollie.

It didn't matter anymore, he thought as he put his books away and went to his next class. He hoped he never saw Ollie, again. By lunch, Will completely forgot about Ollie. Unfortunately, he didn't have Ivy to share lunch with. She was busy with a student group that was starting a vegetable garden at the school. So he shoveled the mac and cheese casserole in silence.

And then Ollie showed up.

"Hey." Ollie's dazzling smile was so obnoxious. Will squinted back and finished up his carton of milk. He didn't have to talk if he didn't want too.

"Don't you think we've been enemies long enough?" Ollie was even lipped as if he wasn't trying to be silly with him. "I think we're on the same side. I really do."

"What side are you talking about?" Will stared back at him.

"We...we know all the same people," Ollie started.

"What do you want?" Will crossed his arms. He was almost in a pout. "Is this about Ivy?"

Ollie shook his head, no.

Will looked at him wide-eyed then. What could they possibly have to talk about?

"It's about Gabby." Ollie told him he didn't know if she was really OK with that British boyfriend of hers.

"You used to be close," Ollie said Gabby told him.

Will only stared at him, wondering when Ollie and Gabby became friends.

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