Tuesday, May 1, 2018

every little thing

Macy smiled. Although, she was missing someone. The baby.

She'd worn extra pads in her bra. She just knew she was leaking of breast milk. Although, it might have been worse if Stephen were there and he was crying.

Yet, in the back of her mind, she would have loved for him to be a part of the wedding party. No such luck, her mom found someone to keep him at her home.

She tried not to stress, but while folks were shaking their hands and wishing them well at the afternoon tea, Stephan was on her mind.

And then she looked up to see a young woman with two little girls. Instantly, she thought of a crocheted hat. It was years ago when Macy wasn't quite a middle scholar, but the girl would be at the library on a Sunday afternoon, helping anyone who wanted to learn to crochet. Naturally, Macy didn't have the patience for it. Here that girl was a mother now with two little girls.

Draco introduced Macy to the two little girls. They were two of his favorite students at the art class at the museum.

Ellie smiled and congratulated them. She was as calm now as she was then.

Macy envied her. She was probably with the father of her children. Possibly, a genuine one-man kind of woman who was still with someone she met in high school.

Macy sighed, yet noticed the little girls went right to someone who didn't look like their father.

"Who's that?" She knew it was last minute, but he'd showed up to be Draco's best man. He never mentioned he'd even have a best man.

"Oh, that's Drew. I knew him when I was little. His mom had him playing the violin by the time he was seven. He's at the University now, at the music department."

"And..and he's with her?" Macy asked.

"I don't think so. She used to be someone I knew in grade school." Draco nodded. "I didn't remember at first. Her two little girls are something else." Draco smiled.

"How could they even compare to Lily?" Macy chuckled.

"I wished I had paid more attention when she was their age." He sighed as they finally got to their table to eat. He promised he was a better dad now and he wanted to be there to watch Stephen grow and learn in everything possible.

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