Thursday, May 3, 2018

just a wish, out there somewhere

Gabby hated to admit it, but she liked weddings. Just the thought made her giddy and perhaps silly.

Why did she have to be this way? She didn't see herself ever getting married. After all, she was with Ste and he was as fickle as they come.

One moment he was practically a kid, laughing and all bubbly. Then he could be so somber and cold. There didn't seem to be a cure for it. She would have to get used to this rollercoaster relationship.

"Yeah, but are you sure you want to put up with something like that, for the rest of your life?" Ollie asked her during lunch at school when he didn't have a break with his significant other Valentina.

She sighed, thinking it was hopeless, but she wasn't finished with Ste yet.

"I dunno." She played with her salad, yet managed a few sips of her cold milkshake. "I guess I love him."

"You don't sound too excited about it," Ollie told her maybe she should wait. Maybe the perfect guy was still out there. Waiting for her.

"I'm pretty sure I'd ruin it." She wasn't optimistic. Straight lipped and certain this was the way it would always be. "It wasn't much better with Will." She sighed. "He was cold and indifferent." Still, she missed being friends with him. True, it was a sexless relationship, but they'd had so much time doing nothing together that it was good. Maybe not perfect.

Ollie nodded as he stuffed most of a burger in his mouth in three bites.

"What was it? About Valentina?" Gabby still wanted to know their secret.

"We try to keep each other in good company." He shrugged, but then mentioned how much they used to fuss. "I was rather mean. Even ugly. I guess I'd decided we weren't good for each other. Or, it was me, who wasn't good for her. I'd listened to her mom, more than I should. Still, Valentina liked me anyway."

Gabby pressed her lips tight. He made it sound so easy.

"Look, it's hard work. It's not easy." He promised. "Its a work in progress." He told her he liked his everyday adventures with Valentina. "I learn so much from her. She makes me a better person."

Gabby nodded. She was certain she didn't make Ste a better person.

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