Thursday, June 28, 2018

kids in love

Torry couldn't help but cringe a little, thinking of how Bree walked straight into that Men's restroom, as if she owned it.

It was like a scene out of Skins. Of course, his life was a far cry from an old British show he'd craved in high school. Torry grew up in Hawaii and had never seen snow until he moved to upstate New York, which was far from the big city.

And someone like Bree had found him.

"But you saw my bum." He shook with laughter. "That, was all you saw, right?" He still asked every time they met up. He guessed by now, she would have told him if she'd seen his penis.

"What's so wrong with that?" Her smile was dazzling and he did wonder how he got here with a girl like her. Surely, she knew by now he was the meek sort who drew birds as in Aves that usually ended up in textbooks.

"Are you sure you're an artist?" He didn't mean to put her down, but as of yet he hadn't even seen her with a sketch pad.

"I want to be." She shrugged. He wanted to tell her she was going about it all wrong. Did she think her imagination would appear out of nowhere? She needed skills and practice always made perfect.

His smile was impish as she took his hand. She intertwined herself next to him, under his shoulder as they walked through the campus gallery.

"Do you think you could spare a weekend with me?" She asked. Torry looked a little puzzled.

"What do you have in mind?" He was sure she'd want to go to a musical festival, somewhere and camp out.

"Oh, just a visit home." She shrugged. "I want you to met my uncle and my cousin." She looked up at him like a coy kitten. Her smile was open. How could he say no, to that?

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