Wednesday, June 27, 2018

lets just keep running

Ivy was home alone when the doorbell rang. To her surprise, it was the fellow who texted nonstop from nine on at night.

It just about took her breath away, and she wasn't sure if it were in a good way. Honestly, she thought she might have a heart attack.

"What are you doing here?" Her eyes intensified as she looked up at him. She thought he was still in Sioux City or was that Sioux Falls.

"I told you I was coming." His lips pressed a smile and he touched her shoulders before she could even think. When he kissed, she knew he'd definitely missed her.

"But." She pulled away. No way was it a time to be easy, but somehow, she just couldn't help it with Brian, who was this summer secret she wanted to keep steady within her pulse.

He was tall and skinny. Nothing like the brawn of her athletic and nonathlete Will. Yet Brian's eyes were full of mystery. She thought she felt herself twitch. He smiled as if they might be on the right track.

They embraced. She knew her mother would be home soon. She pulled him into her room. Naturally, he fell into her bed and rose up on his elbows, just to pull her in with him.

"I love you," He said with her wrapped in his arms. "I have since I first saw you."

She winced. That couldn't be true. Still, she wanted someones devoted attention. Was this what she'd been looking for, all along? She wanted to wait, but when his kiss pressed into her so deeply, it was too late.

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