Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Life goes on

Honestly, Will was the last person Connor expected a call from. No one ever called him anymore, so naturally, he answered.

They met up at the Campus Coffee Shop. He guessed they should have gone out for a steak, but he was on a college student budget.

"I heard from Bree." Will told him, but it was only in a text. Connor couldn't help but smirk. He figured as much. She always had a way to conceal her emotions.

Connor wasn't sure he was really up to talking about his ex, who so happened to be Will's cousin. It was a like a fresh wound he couldn't quite bandage nor heal, but he was trying.

"What happened?" Will reminded him they'd been through so much. "I thought you two could get through, anything."

"I know." Connor stirred his cold coffee. "It's probably my fault." He could hardly look Will in the eye. He nursed his bottom lip. Somehow, he felt sad when he thought of Bree. "I-I always thought she would be there for me, even when she shouldn't have been." It was true, she was so much better than he'd ever been. "I-I think we're still friends." He pressed his lips tight and finally took a sip through the straw.

Will sighed. "She was telling me about this Torry she met." Will shrugged. "She says he reminds her of me." He shook his head as if Bree were a bit sick.

"You know, how she liked to torment you." Connor's smile was open. Maybe he'd been just a fool all along. "I'll miss her." Of course, he still loved her, but he knew she needed to be on her own. Take care of herself for a change and stop worrying about him.

"I did always trust her," Connor told Will. "I just didn't trust myself."

There was that matter about the daughter he had that someone else was raising as their own. Of course, he never had a chance to even tell his parents about it. They were still worried about his brother who was in jail.

Life went on. It was about time he found a way to be on his own.

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