Thursday, July 5, 2018

I've been burning

"I don't know what's up," Will said putting his Android away. He didn't know why Ivy wasn't picking up. But she'd been rather mysterious these last few days. He couldn't pinpoint when it actually started. As it was, Bree was here with her new boyfriend and they were all having a barbecue at Uncle Rowdy's.

It was good to see his dad and Clare out together. Usually, these kind of family gatherings happened at Clare's where he lived. She had two sons of her own and she was always having them over.

"Did you want to go over to her house?" His Dad asked.

"She probably isn't home." Will shrugged. He watched Bree with her new boyfriend. They seemed so happy. It was almost irritating Will.

"Where would she be?" His Dad, Easy winced.

Will shook his head. Maybe it was best to know. At least, they were far from the laughter. Will wasn't sure he could be around it, now. That's when he told him how Ivy had been wanting to take their relationship to the next level.

"But, I- I wanted to wait." Will looked his Dad in the eye, wondering if that was wrong.

"I see." His dad told him there was nothing wrong with waiting. He gave Will a pat on the back. "Just remember there are no wrong answers."

Will stared at his dad thinking he would say something sly like he wasn't the type to ever wait for anything.

"You just go with it and do your best to what follows." His dad said everyone's relationship was different. "I can't say I was ever much good at any of it, but I'm still here and I'm glad you're my son."

Will nodded, but let out a small sigh.

"It's just, I dunno if I've really met the one I want to spend the rest of my life with." He squinted. "I want Ivy to be the one. It started out that way, but then I realized she was wanting this adventure. And I'm not very adventurous."

His dad smiled.

"I just hope she hasn't done something she'll regret," Will told him he'd hate to see her get hurt, but he guessed he'd wait and see.

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