Friday, November 25, 2022

Round and Round

 "She didn't come home?" Declan winced wondering what he and Brandon were supposed to do. He didn't mean to put Remi off but she was very concerned about Yuki's whereabouts.

"I know she was a bit put off with me, that..that I didn't invite her home for Thanksgiving. I don't know why she made such a big deal about it." Remi didn't sound well. He knew she'd been crying. Yuki hadn't returned any of the messages she'd left on her phone.

"Well, we were at Rylie and Melissa's for Thanksgiving," he then told her as he noticed Brandon wanted the phone. He was in the middle of breakfast but he turned off the scrambled eggs before they got hard.

Honestly, Declan didn't know what Remi wanted. He went to tend to breakfast while Brandon got on the phone with her before she had time to ask about Melissa. Brandon said he'd see if he could get ahold of Yuki, but he didn't get on his phone after he got off the phone with Remi.

"Maybe Remi needs a wake-up call," Brandon just said as he helped with toast and coffee. 

"What do you mean?" Declan set down to the plate of bacon and eggs and bit into a slice of crispy bacon.

"Remi hasn't been the same since she found out Melissa and Rylie are together," Brandon reminded him that she probably envied Melissa more than she would admit. "She takes Yuki for granted. She gives her the silent treatment all the time. Yuki isn't happy with that. But, I guess she feels she needs to be there for Remi."

Declan nodded. "I'm glad we're not like that."

"Yes, you love to talk." Brandon practically laughed. Declan only smirked. He was glad they could get along with Simon and Chevy. In fact, he felt he had better friends than he'd ever asked for. He just hoped Yuki was OK. "You better call her."

Poppy didn't know if Joon could pull this off. But he was so adorable, she thought now. Especially, the way he handled her Aunt. Which gave her plenty of time to scavenge through her Aunt's things to find any clues of her mother. Of course, there wasn't much to go on. Yes, she found a few addresses of places where her mother grew up. But they were pressed for time.

Naturally, Niah did her part too. She was her playful self and Poppy's Aunt seemed to be in a good mood when they were there. Of course, they'd brought Thanksgiving dinner and lots of pie too. All the while, Niah was a bit of a show off as if she might be ready for a pageant coming up. It was good to see her Aunt laughing along. She even enjoyed Niah's little songs that she made up through the day.

Still, Poppy was ready to get home and go through everything she'd taken pictures of on her phone.

"Do you think someone would know your mom, back in Beijing?" Joon asked as she showed him the addresses, even a phone number or two.

"I don't know," she felt uneasy about doing this all on her own. Of course, he'd been there every step of the way.

"Do you want me to make the call?" He looked at her as if it might be best. Poppy held her breath for a second and then nodded as she let him see the phone numbers. 

"So how was your Thanksgiving?" Alfie asked Gage at there late brunch. After all, he'd been at the hardware store at three in the morning and had just gotten off work at noon. Gage looked as if he was dragging.

"Not that great," he was practically mute. They settled at the new place that had opened in the old place, Poppy's old haunt, but she was nowhere in sight.

"What happened?" Alfie had to admit the dinner went so well and Kristine invited Nora who they worked with to even the numbers out around the table. He mentioned it wasn't exactly coupling, but then maybe it was. Nora was like a little sister he never had.

"Oh, my mom invited somebody who works at the chiropractor place where she goes," he shrugged. "I hate when she does things like this. You know, setting me up on a blind date."

"Has she ever done it before?" Alfie wanted to know as he took a sip of black coffee. It was fresh and he knew he needed it as much as Gage did.

"No. Not like this," Gage didn't sound impressed with the date. "She might as well have met her in rehab," Gage explained his mother used to be in rehab a lot.

"But it couldn't be all bad," Alfie sounded hopeful. "What's her name?"

"Aurora." He sighed.

"Maybe you should go out with Nora," he nodded. "And I'll go out with Aurora."

Gage looked at him as if Alfie must be on something.


  1. The very ... human concerns. Beautifully written.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Everyone has their ideas and thoughts as life goes on; Enjoy the weekend.

  3. So Declan thought " he had better friends than he'd ever asked for " Lucky Declan!

  4. "what comes around goes around" Can't help it... that title made me think of the Ratt song.

    I like that we had several different check ins with this one. I want to have breakfast with Declans and Brandon!

  5. Grazie Ellie per il saluto e grazie sempre per la piacevole lettura, mi sto affezionando ai tuoi personaggi. Un abbraccio

  6. Uy las cosas se complican para Gage te mando un beso

  7. Double dates can always be fun.

  8. It's a shame about Yuki -- although not surprising. I knew she was at her breaking point with Remi -- and Remi's drinking. Still, I hope that she turns up. Unfinished business is never good. Joon is so supportive of Poppy and her search for her mom. And Niah, of course, is adorable -- pageant-ready and all! Things seem to be really working out for those three. Finally, I'm glad that things are looking up for Gage. He should definitely go out with Aurora -- just as Alfie should go out with Nora! Once again, I'm a big fan of the rhyming. 😁💛